Outstanding Original Script or Adaptation &/or Composition
This award includes Original Scripts, Adaptations and Original Compositions of music for the production.

This is an award for the writer of a new play or musical that premieres in Calgary and area, or the composer of an original composition for a production. This means no full production anywhere else prior. This award goes to the writer or, in the case of a musical, to the writing/composing team and is not an award for the production. This category is for completely original music and lyrics of a play or musical, or for completely original compositions which stand as underscoring or soundscapes for a play or musical, or to recognize entire compiled or original (or any combination thereof) underscores. In the case of a soundscape, the designer pulls from any number of sources, such as synthesized music, compiled sound effect or music tapes, etc. to develop an overall underscore - in this case this would be eligible under the Soundscape of a Play Award.