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Cappuccino Musical Theatre (formerly Cappuccino Singers) started as a stand and sing group whose performances evolved over the years into fully scripted musicals. Cappuccino Musical Theatre was fortunate for a long time to find enough talent within the group to write original scripts into which we insert pre-existing songs for a “create-your-own-musical” type format. This of course meant a whole lot of work but also a lot more fun! In 2005, we ventured into the world of book musicals with our production of “A Chorus Line”. Since then we have also produced ”Into the Woods” and have “Cabaret” in the works for 2008. We also maintain our signature show” Dessert Song” which has become a very and exciting way for performers of all levels to strut their stuff in a cabaret style setting while raising funds for a worthy local charity.

Cappuccino Musical Theatre offers a little something for everyone. There is ample opportunity for those more experienced artists that want to try something a bit different as well as plenty of options for all that hidden talent out there who have always wanted to give theatre a try but have never found enough courage. Cappuccino Musical Theatre tries very hard to give everyone a chance to spread their wings and perhaps fly a little higher.

Contact Info:
331 41 Ave NE
Calgary, AB
T23 2N4

Phone: 403-560-7933
E-mail: cappuccinomusicaltheatre@gmail.com
Website: http://www.cappuccinomusicaltheatre.ca/

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