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The Adjudication Team

The purpose of the Calgary-ACTS adjudication team is to provide written feedback on every community theatre production in Calgary. For a production to be eligible for adjudication the producing company must be a member of Calgary-ACTS and submit their shows to the Adjudication Team Coordinator at least 2 months prior to the opening night of the production. Adjudications are provided to participating companies in raw and unedited form within one week of show closing. With our feedback we hope to strengthen and enrich the theatre community.

Time Commitment

The adjudication team is a fun and focused way to invest your volunteer hours and the feedback that you provide to the theatre community can be truly invaluable. Please give careful consideration to whether or not you do have the time to fully commit to the team.

You will be expected to attend two or three adjudication team meetings per year (one in September/October, one in January/February and one in May/June) as well as at least one Calgary-ACTS general meeting (held every other month). While meeting time is minimal (4 6 hours), you can expect to spend approximately 50 hours working specifically on your production viewing and adjudication.

Each adjudicator will see a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 shows per season as an adjudicator. The season runs from September to June so you will be seeing one or two shows per month. In addition to the running time of the production that you are viewing we would suggest spending 2 3 hours on writing your adjudication. Adjudicators are expected to attend at least 14 shows throughout the season to give their vote a weighting of 2. (20 + shows gets a weighting of 3.) These shows may not be just the shows you adjudicated but would include those you attended on your own as a paid audience member or as a volunteer such as ushering, front of house, etc. any position that allows you to see at least one performance from beginning to end during a run.

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The adjudication team is composed of 15 adjudicators and 1 alternate. In general, we do our recruiting for new members in August/September though vacancies do occasionally open up mid-year. If you are interested in joining the team please contact Lindsay Kurtze at adjudication {at} calgary-acts.com.

Calgary-ACTS Membership

Adjudicators must become individual members of Calgary-ACTS (for the low, low price of ten bucks). If an adjudicator sits on a board of a theatre company, nominations and voting will be done as an adjudicator. The idea behind this is that well-informed adjudicators, who have attended many different productions, will lend some weight to the final CAT Award votes. With that in mind, the voting procedure is not the primary focus of the adjudicators. Having the adjudication team involved in the awards is intended merely as a balance and augmentation of the public nomination process by providing formal feedback by an audience member.